February 24th – A quick visit to the nursery

Water Dragon


On face value it looks like another random wildlife pic. I suppose it is, but this Water Dragon proved to be much more.

I braved the outdoor world of Eden Gardens this afternoon looking for a dwarf citrus plant. Needle in a haystack.

But then Zachary spotted this little feller scurrying across the floor. Unsettled by workmen in the premises, but looking for a warm spot to recline and soak up some rays.

When we found him we were wandering around aimlessly. I pursued him for 10-15 metres to take a photo, and he ran under the wooden frame you can see in the picture – which happened to be the display of varieties of dwarf citrus trees I was looking for.

Touché my scaly friend. Perhaps a subtle hint that he’d prefer to be alone.


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