February 23rd – Lane Cover River Park

LC River Weir


A quick photo taken on the way to Dad’s yesterday, with a stop at the Lane Cove Weir to feed the ducks. Sadly this is a practice that is frowned upon, the park has erected signs that will do more than deter, they attempt to make you feel guilty.

It worked for me, and the bread bag remained holstered. The ducks weren’t fooled though, they followed us everywhere.

The river park was a short bush-walk from where I grew up, so we spent quite a bit of time here racing our BMX’s around the picnickers and visitors.

The park itself was cleared and opened in the 1920’s, chosen as a central point of the Lane Cove National Park. The park hosts a weir, which itself serves it’s purpose as more than just a walkway. It was erected in 1930 as a means to hold water flow which created recreational activities.

The weir also features a fish-ladder, allowing Australian Bass to traverse the construction and continue up-river.

The park is also famous for the Paddle Wheeler “Turrumburra” which gave rides up and down the rivers for several years. The service was closed in 2000 and the Turrumburra was relocated to the Hawkesbury, near Windsor, and operates under a different name.

The Lane Cove River Park also forms part of the 250 km Great North Walk, between Sydney (Macquarie Place) and Newcastle.


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