February 21 – Wincey: Found

Wincy's Dinner

Back to my fascination with this web. I was taking out the bins the other night, and as I walked under the web I noticed a large figure silhouetted against the night sky.

I pulled out my phone, and using the flashlight found not only Wincey, but her next meal as well.

I tried using the tripod, but she was up too high. So I went for the rickety outdoor chair, balanced precariously – holding the phone to spot the spider and focus in one hand, and in my other hand the camera held about a foot away from my eyes to get the close-up shot. Somehow I fluked the focus on a few shots.

Can one of my readers identify the spider? I’m guessing it’s an Orb Spider.

For another, more graphic image of Wincey’s feast, click here. A word of warning – it’s pretty gruesome. I was originally going to post this image, but it’s probably a little more PG rated (or more) than I intended for this blog.

Wincey has since had her web broken, rebuilt and broken again, and may have finally moved on. No arguments here!


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