February 18th – Where’s Wincy?

Web after the wet

Long story short, this magnificent construction spans our driveway. For months I’ve been walking through it late at night when putting out the bins, or driving through it when we return home late.

It’s one of those rope-like, sticky webs that’s almost impossible to remove, and when it’s gone you’re never truly convinced, leaving you gesticulating madly at an invisible foe.

But I have to hand it to this owner. Over time it appears he/she has worked us out, and has recently rebuilt giving myself and our car suitable clearance.

However after 2 days of consistent (and at times hard) rain, the arachnid mansion stood firm, complete with beads of water suspended on the span. Yet the occupant was nowhere to be found despite meals prepared and waiting. It’s was like a spider-reenactment of the mystery of the Deering.


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