February 16 – Frangipani

Wet Frangipani

As keen as I am to keep the images fresh, there’s one thing to realise – I’m a fair weather photographer. This rain isn’t doing much to build up my  library.

The frangipani’s in this photo are somewhat of a celebration. Some years ago we were handed a stick in a pot. We didn’t hold much hope, however several years later (last summer) and the first flowers were produced.

Above all I think this reaffirms that I should strongly consider a macro lens. My stock lens gets in close, but I would love to hone in on the water-drops and magnify them.

In this photo I’ve experimented with Aperture’s brushes to add features selectively, rather than address the entire image. I used them to lighten and add definition to the central flower, while removing features and darkening the surrounding objects.

In truth it was a fair amount of work for little gain. With the huge number of post-processing apps available, you’re best using a preset where all the hard work has been done for you. I’ll probably mess around with this photo again with some apps, especially if the rain keeps up.


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