Friday February 7th – Drummoyne Lights



Last night I took the Canon for a spin and made the most of a balmy evening.

When I took Zachary up Gladesville bridge on the weekend, I noted how the angle of the footpath lined up with the middle of Victoria Road road as it climbs the hill. I figured it would be a great spot for trying to photograph light trails, and Sydney’s mid-evening peak hour didn’t let me down.

By now you’ve probably worked out a few things – landscapes, my local area, and night photography. When I get the opportunity to combine all three I tend to have some fun.

I also worked out that standing next to a major road with a camera makes you look like a policeman (despite wearing a hoodie), not that the 3 taxi’s who tried their best to cause nasty accidents seemed to care.

Over the next few days I’ll be posting some photo’s from the evening, including some dusk shots from some little nooks around Henley that I never knew existed.


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