Wednesday February 5 – Gummi Bears


All I wanted was a late afternoon coffee. Understandably this bowl caught my eye.

Placed daringly at the cashier at Vapiano (at the Grace Hotel), this bowl of Gummi Bears tempts fate. Sure it’s easier to pinch one or two with your fingers, but health standards dictate that they must put a spoon in there.

Watching someone attempt to politely take a single Gummi Bear with a spoon would be interesting viewing. It would be easier (and more fun) asking for a serve of milk and taking the entire bowl to a table.

You can’t say it didn’t cross your mind.

Gummi Bears were created in Germany around 1920 by Haribo. At a cost of 1 pfennig they remained an affordable treat while the German Chancellor was churning out 50 million DM notes, as the economy flat-lined during the Weimer Hyperinflation period following World War I.

Though the Gummi Bears phenomena was truly validated when Disney spawned a cringeworthy spin-off cartoon in 1985, which ran for 6 years.

But I wouldn’t bother telling your kids these fun facts (especially the Weimer period stuff), they probably aren’t too interested.


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