Friday 31st – End of the first month


It all began with this photo.

I woke up at about 5:30am on Boxing Day and found the farm shrouded in fog. It was pure luck (and a desire for the WC), but an opportunity I couldn’t pass up and hastily gathered my camera.

A week later, New Years Day, I decided to embark on a ‘little’ project – recording something each day in a photo and whack it on the internet. I was in picturesque Byron Bay, so I had Day 1 covered.

I wasn’t counting on such an amazing start.

The luck kept coming. At the end of the first week (and another early nature call), I was presented with an amazing foggy pink sunrise, and a day later I met Max in a surreal experience in Coolangatta. A week or so later and we returned from holiday and began exploring our urban jungle.

What I’ve come to realise is how you look at things differently when your intent is to capture an image. I’ve  invested time into a vast online photographic community, picking up inspiration, hints, tips and advice along the way.

Despite all of the above, I was surprised how quickly I’ve learned camera functions that had previously confused me,  and I’ve already started using more advanced photo organisation/editing software as standard. But there’s so much more to learn.

As for the future, I intend on experimenting with more camera hardware (landscape and macro), and a new blog design is on the cards – I’ve learned a lot about WordPress along the way.

A special thanks to everyone for stopping by, and for all the wonderful comments along the way.


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