Jaguar Mark II

Mk II Jaguar by Fishman Dan

This photo was taken as we walked through CARnivale on Australia Day, a huge collection of vintage vehicles on display in the streets around Hyde Park.

I’m not a Jaguar (or even a car) enthusiast in any way, but was drawn to this car with its terrific golden finish and impeccably presented inside and out.

The familiar big cat moniker sits authoritatively, almost menacingly, on the front of the car.

The Jaguar Mark II existed from 1959 through to ’69 (later called the 340), and was successfully raced winning the inaugural European Touring Car Champioship in 1963. It’s power (220 bhp), top speed of 125 mph, and room to comfortably seat 5 adults found favour in the UK with law enforcement and criminals alike!

This photo was little more than a muck around, experimenting with focal depth. One thing I’ve worked out – Jag’s are more photogenic than Corvette’s.


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