Wednesday 29th – The school year starts



For some it’s the answer to the meaning of life, the universe and everything (it’s in Google, it must be true!). It’s the atomic number for Molybdenum. 42 minutes is the time it would take to reach the opposite side of Earth if you subscribe to Paul Cooper’s “Gravity Train” theory of travel. It’s the angle (rounded up) of the arc of a rainbow. In ASCII code it’s an asterisk.

But for many of the kids around Australia it was the number of days between classroom sessions.

For their parents, it’s the period of time where we’ve enjoyed reasonable traffic flow in and around Sydney.

Today that party ended abruptly.

Kids were escorted through school gates to reunite with buddies, sporting both smiles and frowns. Parents were left stranded onboard and at bus stops, where a 25 minute journey yesterday magically transformed into a 90 minute debacle.

I prefer to call it the start of Gossip Season 2014, where parents from all over the community congregate on a daily basis in schoolyards and exchange stories, while their children nervously await the school bell.

I hope yours went to plan!


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