January 28th – Emerging Cicada

Cicada Breaching by Fishman Dan

Checking the fences and walls around my garden have become a regular nightly occurrence, but recently the activity has dwindled, and I figured the hatching season was done.

That was until last night, when I found an occupied shell stationary on the wall. I figured it was about to hatch and I didn’t have to wait long – about as long as it took to gather my camera and tripod.

The entire process of a cicada nymph coming out of a shell that is about half its size is amazing.

This photo was about 5 minutes into the hatching. Interestingly it’s the exact same spot I captured this striking colour cicada post-hatching a fortnight ago. This was a time-saver, allowing me to re-use the presets from the previous edit.

My greatest regret is not having the time to find my iPhone tripod to take a time-lapse of the hatching process. Still on the To Do list!

Elsewhere in the garden I was lucky enough to spot this youngster too, so it appears there’s plenty of life left under the soil.


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