Thursday 23rd – Huntley’s Point Wharf

Huntley's Point Wharf by Fishman Dan

As I left last night, I looked back over my shoulder and saw the lights on the ferry wharf, so quickly set the tripod up for a few more shots.

Lucky too, I left my camera case on the wharf and had to go back and get it (you can see it under the bench on the far left)!

Another experiment in ISO, with quite a lot of light in the immediate area. I had a bit of fun with long exposure and the ferry across the river and light-trails as it berthed and departed the wharf.

The guys on the right managed to stay pretty still for the entire 30 second exposure. Ah, fishing.

You’ve probably all picked up on one of a couple of things – either I like night photography, or that’s when I get the best opportunity. A little from A, and little from B.


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