It was a slow camera day, but that didn’t prevent me from taking another photo of the local flora.

This isn’t just a flower, it’s a celebration of life in our garden beds that doesn’t resemble basil, rosemary or parsley.

In truth I struggled to manipulate the image in a way that I like using the standard methods, and it had me thinking of what could be done with a more powerful piece of software such as Photoshop or Pixelmator.

I opened an app I purchased a long time ago called Flare ($10.49 from the Mac App Store). Flare is very simple, has some great presets, and each setting within can be adjusted to your personal liking.

Making changes in Flare is much like Aperture, where you are basically experimenting with sliders until you find the result you like. Flare has the ability to ‘Snapshot’ your edits, meaning you can roll-back any changes to a certain version of your photo.

My only concern with Flare is that the interface was quite laggy and cumbersome. The changes took a second or two to be implemented which was annoying, but you’ll rarely be disappointed with the outcome despite the challenges.


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