Sunday 12th – Out on a limb

Out on a limb by Fishman Dan

I’ve always held a deep fascination for cicadas, with memories of trees literally black with cicadas during summer.

At this time of the year our garden is littered with cicada shells, as they emerge from our garden beds by cover of night.

I’ve always wanted to catch one on camera.

This is the first time I’ve gone to manual mode for a photo, manual focus, and I’m using the on-board flash.

I used a torch on the cicada to get focus and aim, then it was lights out and action.

What amazes me is that the light is provided by the flash on board my Canon 550D. I guess my previous experience is with point and shoot flash. Rookie error.

It’s worthwhile viewing the full size image in Flickr. I have a few more shots in my Flickr account: 1 2 3

Some rosemary may or may not have been harmed during the taking of these photo’s.


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