January 9th – Old Naughtons Gap Tunnel

IMG_5908 by Fishman Dan

This old train tunnel is part of the recently abandoned Lismore to Murwillumbah train line.

The history of this tunnel and train service is rich within my extended family, whose early years were spent living, working and playing in the surrounding properties. It provided communities through the Northern Rivers the means to send produce to markets locally or as far as Sydney, collecting goods from a number of small community sidings throughout the journey.

More recently determined as unsustainable as a passenger service, the line was ‘suspended’ in 2004 before being formally abandoned in 2013.

This is my first attempt at a Black and White photo, and also using Aperture to tweak the image. I found it really intriguing trying to make the blacks really black, while attempting to keep detail in the surrounding environment. I’d gratefully receive any feedback or suggestions.


2 thoughts on “January 9th – Old Naughtons Gap Tunnel

  1. It would have been nice but the growth in front of the tunnel was pretty intense.

    The path to the tracks was shoulder-high grass, and then it was 100m along the rails to get to where I took the photo. I was a little cautious for the presence of Joe Blake’s. Cautious/scared stiff …. same same.

    Thongs and shorts probably wasn’t the best attire. My tour guide (John Miers) was a little more appropriately dressed.

    He told me there was a recent “do” in the tunnel, with music and spray painting – the remnants were still there, including the ladder they used to paint higher up the walls.

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