January 7th – Max

Max by Fishman Dan

Tuesday resulted in an impromptu visit to the bottom end of the Gold Coast. I’ll never forget how the day ended.

We went to The Jungle Mexican Cantina for dinner on the beachfront Marine Parade, in full view of the Coolangatta Beach Fun Fair. Of course the kids weren’t going to take “No” for an answer.

There were the usual attractions – laughing clowns, rides and slides. But there was one attraction I’ve never seen at any show I’ve been to before.

Max is the owner of a live ammunition firing range at the Coolangatta Fun Fair. The game consists of 4 x .22 calibre bolt action rifles, tethered by a chain to a bar. $5 gave you 3 rounds, which you fired down a 15-20′ pipe at a target the size of your hand.

I was amazed this could be allowed in this day and age, but of course I had to give it a go! After parting with $5, Max’s wife presented me with 3 live rounds.

Following my game I asked Max for a photo and he gladly obliged, looking vacantly into the distance. What a pro!

We struck up a conversation afterwards. Max’s firing range appears at carnivals across Queensland, something that isn’t permitted in NSW (they have to use piddly air-rifles). The game itself has existed since the 1930’s, and I felt a real sense of nostalgia as I played it.

It was my first time firing a rifle. Tip #1: guns are loud. Tip #2: Guns fired down a 20′ steel pipe are louder. I couldnt hit the bullseye, so no stuffed toys for me. I suspect the sights were “carny’ed” for accuracy and profit.

To see how I fared, click here.


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