January 2nd – A walk around the farm


I’m blessed to have access to some of the most beautiful farmland in Northern NSW, which is a theme park for wanna-be photographers. Blistering heat, storms coming and going, and all of the associated hardware and infrastructure.

My choice today was a toss-up between one of the inhabitants – a gorgeous working dog who goes by the name of Bob, and the picture below. Don’t fret about Bob, he’ll get a run later when I embark upon some of the post-production methods available.

I chose the sprinkler because I had some fun fiddling with ISO and aperture settings. I’ll have to have another go later and leave the shutter open marginally longer – I’d love to see if a full rotation will give a beautiful symmetrical pattern.

I’m also happy with the look of the old Suzuki, sitting content in the background have a rest.


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